Friday, January 8, 2010

The Longest Month. Ever.

Seriously.  Does every 28 days last this long?  Even with the distraction of the holidays, work, and three kids, I still manage to focus my mental energy on only one thing - am I or aren't I? 

I have 2 days until it's "conceivably" possible that I get a positive pregnancy test, 9 days until it's certain I would get a positive test.  That said, I've already tested 4 times.  I guess I'm hoping I'm a freak of nature and get my positive pregnancy test hours after conception.

The ironic thing is, it really is alright with me if I don't get pregnant this month.  I really want to lose a lot more weight, and would really feel better going into a new pregnancy healthy.  Every month that goes by puts me 8 pounds closer to my goal weight. 

It's just the "not knowing" that's killing me.  Really. 

Hopefully, the next post will be an update that will tell one way or the other.  Until then...

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