Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Obsess Much?

We are getting into the window of opportunity on our first month of trying - to think that conception could happen any day now is making me crazier than usual.

I'm watching the calendar, wandering to Expecting Clubs and wanting to get that positive pregnancy test so much.  I feel like it should happen this month, because it's happened the first try every other time, but I also know we were so very fortunate for that.  I know it's not always that easy, but it has been in our experience.

Ken's asking me every day if I "feel anything going on".  LOL.  I try and keep him in the dark as much as possible (no pun intended), because I don't want our time together to be a mission.  I don't want it to feel different.  He's anxious, though.  I think that's fun.  :-)

On the flip side, I'm also focusing on health and fitness.  I got my bodybugg for Christmas and I'm loving the new fitness gadget!  I'm aiming to lose mucho weight, so each month that I don't conceive at least puts me 5 - 10 pounds closer to being a healthier weight.  So, there's that.  I'm completely off caffeine and alcohol, taking prenatals, and working out within recommended limits, so that it will be a seamless transition from TTC to pregnancy.

I am two weeks away from even possibly testing, so it will be an exercise in patience, which we all know I lack.  ;-)  That's why we exercise patience, though, right?  To get better and stronger.  We've enjoyed talking about adding to our family, planning for it - we told the kids last week about our plans.  There were mixed reactions there.  Bren was pretty much shocked and kept asking why we wanted ANOTHER.  He feels like everything's good now, I think, and doesn't know why we'd want it to change.  El was very excited about another baby and wants to sleep with "him".  LOL.  So, we'll enjoy this time of looking forward to becoming a family of six, without the morning sickness and while my waistline is decreasing instead of expanding...  ;-)

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