Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ode to Caffeine

Prior to the last two pregnancies that were planned (d'oh!), I went off caffeine completely (and on prenatals) before we started TTC.  I'm doing this again this time - the largest part of this is so that I can rid my body of caffeine, which is a pregnancy no no, gradually and not shock my poor system.  The second part is so that I feel I'm "doing something" to help get the ball rolling on having another baby.

Unfortunately, since getting back on the juice after weaning Jule, I've developed quite a liking for caffeine in all shapes and forms, and I'm having a very hard time giving up my vice.  To bid a fair farewell to my much missed companion, I've written a fitting poem...

Ode to Caffeine

You are my friend, my drug of norm
you help me face my day
always there, in many a form
At home or far away.

The little baby can’t partake
For now we must part days
the little baby you may break.
with your naughty stimulant ways

A headache I’m sure I’ll suffer
as we say farewell
not having you will make me tougher.
though I’m sure it will be Hell.

I’ll miss you in the days ahead
when pregnancy exhaustion is here
I’ll feel so tired, like the living dead
Abandoned by you, I fear.

Until we meet again, take care
I’ll be counting day by day
Once the baby’s not so fair
I’ll have you here to stay

*sniff, sniff* I’ll miss you, C.

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