Friday, January 15, 2010

The fantasy of influence

After testing again last night, now four days before all hopes are dashed for this cycle, and getting a negative, I’m focusing my sights on next month.

Fact: Aside from knowing the right time to dance the big dance, 99.99% of becoming pregnant is out of our hands.

That said - we’re women. We hold jobs, we run households, we’re strong, we’re capable. We are in control. Well, we were. Now, we’re at the mercy of God, the Universe, Mother Nature, our husband, our body, our libido, his libido, our schedules, and the alignment of the stars. We’re incapable of sitting back and letting things happen – incapable of releasing control in just one area of our life.

Simple solution – we don’t relinquish the reigns. We hold on tight. Logically, we may know that getting knocked up has to be an act of God, but we run a close second and we’re going to do everything possible to make it happen. These efforts include but are not limited to:

Charting your cycle by watching for fertility signs
Ovulation Predictors
Dancing with the girl on bottom
Elevating the baby arena on a pillow for 20 minutes after dancing
Taking Robitussin cough syrup
Eating fresh pineapple
Eating French fries
Eating baby carrots
Making sure the woman, ahem, really, really enjoys the dance
Reducing stress
Not Smoking
Not Drinking
Using Pre-seed
Using “Instead” brand Softcups

There are more, but these are some of the oldest and dearest.

I’m in no position to say if any of this really, really works, but I can say that it makes the journey to conception a little easier. It gives women a toolbox to pull from that helps them feel powerful in a powerless situation. Well, now that I’ve made my shopping list, I’m off to the store . . .

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