Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The "After"

After my first miscarriage in 2007, I didn't think I could feel the ignorant bliss that went along with expecting a baby without expecting the worst.  The new mantra is typically one that accompanies most signature lines on iVillage of women who are expecting following a loss - "Faith Over Fear". 

Surprisingly to me, I had regained that innocence and that excitement.  That faith.  I was certain, despite my muted morning sickness, that this pregnancy was going well and we were on our way to parenthood again.  I was consumed with and comfortable with being pregnant once again. 

Three days later after my previous post on April 20, that faith would be tested when I began to spot blood.  Nine days later, that faith would be shattered when our little one's heartbeat would not be found on ultrasound.  Ten days later, the pregnancy would come to an end on an operating table.

The following posts will take you through the journey from then to now.

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